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Okay, my initial description in this field was too long, so I'll simplify what I said: Me dumb. Wife Smart. Me like toys. Me like stories. Me maybe write stories. Look at nice birdie. Toy trains pretty. To be honest, I think that was the most intelligent thing that I have written in months!


Okay, this is what I tried to write in the header. I am really behind the times. While I like technology, I tend to be a little bit delayed in starting to use it (think Wierd Al's "It's All About the Pentiums). To be honest, my better half has become a computer whiz, while I am struggling with my wrist watch (however, I can easily operate a $200,000 VTR. For that kind of money, it better be easy to use!) My initial blogs will look clunky, but in due time, along with many annoying questions that I will be bugging my wife about, This should be a slick machine, with thoughts and ideas for my many hobbies, to sneak previews of my many story ideas (I know, Mark, I owe you about 12 short stories), to launching my campaign to be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (yeah, right). Until that point, this little spot will be little more than electronic anasthetic. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

GO Transit vs WestJet

Afew weeks ago, my family and I went away on our first major vacation. Major meaning that we had to fly, and if our vacation sucked, we were stuck out there until our flight back home (thankfully it didn't suck. But we did come home for a rest). While I like to fly, my wife was white-knuckling it all the way there and back. The seats in that plane will never be the same again. Anyhow, this past weekend, I was taking the bus to work in Toronto, when I had a revelation about traveling. I started laughing hysterically, which prompted the person sitting next to me to change seats. I decided to compare the two most common forms of travel in Southern Ontario, GO Transit, vs WestJet.

1) On GO Transit, if the drive is bumpy, you don't give it a second thought. On WestJet, if the flight is bumpy, you whip out the rosary and start praying.

2) On WestJet, they offer you snacks and drinks. If you are offered a treat on a GO bus, be afraid, be very afraid.

3) Whether you're taking off from the runway, or taking off along the highway, the G-forces are pretty much the same.

4) During bad weather, the GO bus doesn't circle around the terminal, waiting for a chance to park.

5) Landing at the airport, or arriving at the bus terminal, they are pretty much equally bumpy.

6) The Hamilton GO Centre is a beautiful tribute to 1930s architecture, and it's interior, even with the T. H. & B. Railway Museum, has the look, and even the feel, of a classic airport. Hamilton Airport, on the other hand, looks like a bus terminal from the American Midwest.

7) On the GO bus, you end up staring blankly at the seatback in front of you. On WestJet, you can stare blankly at the built in TV seatbacks.

8) If a GO bus breaks down midtrip, you'll probably make it onto the highway's shoulder. If a WestJet breaks down midtrip, you'll probably make it onto the evening news (knockwood that that hasn't happened).

While it may be fun to fly to work everyday, it looks like that it'll be the GO bus for the time being.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Uh, honey, what's a Meme?

I can operate computers that deliver pleasure to people in all corners of this country (well, I use a computer to roll tapes, so I do not have to press PLAY. I can read QNIX language, I can operate satellite dishes, and troubleshoot any technical issues that arise in my workplace. But I have no idea what a meme is. I am such a troglyte! Click to see what I mean. Well, my wife, after much laughing and finger pointing, she explained to me what a meme is. Well, after a sigh of relief that it had nothing to do with Mimi from Drew Carey, I'm going to dive right in, and try and join the cyber age. After this, I'm going to try and find out what LOL, BTW, FOTFLMAO, and icing in hockey means.

3 Names U go By: Cat, Catman, Catmando (how creative. Cough cough, hack....ugh! A hair ball)

3 Screen Names U Have Had: thecat, joeyspapa, Cataldo

3 Things U Like about Yourself: My wife and kids, nothing else

3 Things U Don’t Like about Yourself: The fact that geologists complain that whenever I walk, it
throws off their Richter scale monitors, my very long commute, the fact that my hair is starting to migrate from my head into my ears

3 Parts of Your Heritage: Klingon, Mimbari, and Italian

3 Things that Scare U: my bank manager, heights and wasps

3 of Your Everyday Essentials: My family, Go Transit, food

3 Things U are Wearing Right Now: A professional, Washington Capitals Jim Carey hockey
jersey (not the actor, the goalie's name was Jim Carey, with one R), three days stubble growth, and jeans

3 of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: Ray Lyell, Blue Rodeo, Coldplay

3 of Your Favorite Songs: Only Love by Ray Lyell, Heaven by Bryan Adams, Love You 'til the
End by the Pogues

3 Things U Want to Try in the Next 12 Months: Blogging, Starting my model railway, and try to write my Dick Tracy novel

3 Things You Want in a Relationship: Humour, trust, respect

2 Truths and a Lie: My family is the greatest, the U.S.S. Enterprise is real, and I am an attractive male

3 Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to U: Eyes, Intelligence, and one's soul

3 Things about the Same Sex that Appeal to U: Uh, I'm feeling a little uncomfortable with this
one, so I'll get back to it later (just kidding). Friendship that goes on for years, that if we meet
after months or even years, that we pick up right where we left off. Guys night out is cool. And
comparing ridiculous objects.

3 Things U Just Cannot Do: Get promoted around here, kiss butt (number 1 may tie into this one), wake up in the morning

3 of Your Favorite Hobbies: gardening, toy trains, cross stitching (I'm an award winning cross stitcher. 4th place at the Ancaster Fair. Yipee).

3 Things U Want to do Really Bad Right Now: Take a dump on my boss' desk, light it on fire, and line dance in from of him (I think I have to go to the bathroom now)

3 Careers U are Considering: Caber catcher, ventriloquist, solar panel salesman

3 Places You Want to Go on Vacation: Out East, Hawaii, out West

3 Kid’s Names: Leaf, Sunshine, Mazda

3 Things U Want to Do Before U Die: Grow old and enjoy my grandkids, have a novel published,
win an Oscar

3 Ways U are Stereotypically a Boy: I'm gross (snails, snakes, puppy dog tails, etc), I like sports, I do things without thinking

3 Ways U are Stereotypically a Chick: I look at the instructions, I ask for directions, and I tear up during the sweet spots in movies

3 Celeb Crushes: Alyssa Milano, Alicia Silverstone, James Barber

3 People U Would Like to Complete This Quiz: George W. Bush, John Stewart, little grey aliens

'nuff said.